The name baumkuchen is a German word that means “tree cake.” Although it is originally a European delicacy, a variety of the famous spit cake, Japanese baumkuchen is also a favorite snack and dessert in Japan, where it is called baumukūhen.

Plain baumkuchen has the same ingredients as other cakes. The main components are flour, eggs, and margarine. Just like the spit cake, the most distinguishing characteristic of baumkuchen lies in its layers of dough that resembles tree rings when sliced. The thin lines separating every layer are golden in color. It is prepared in quite a similar way as with spit cake wherein batter is thinly spread in layers on a rotating spit. The layers are dried up before another layer is added on. In Europe, traditional baumkuchen is usually three to four feet tall.

After baking it on a spit, the cake is cooled down before adding coating to it. It usually coated with jam, depending on the preference. Most baumkuchen are also glazed with vanilla or chocolate. It is then served in thin slices that expose the rings resembling that of trees, which makes it popular and unique among other layer cakes.

Japanese BaumkuchenBoth German and Japanese baumkuchen are common in weddings and celebrations. The Japanese often use it as a wedding present. Karl Jucheim, a German, was the first person to bake Japanese baumkuchen. He first sold the cake in a German exhibition in Japan after World War I. The small business endeavor was successful and he put up a small bakery there, which operated until World War II. Many years after the war, his wife opened a chain of bakeries called Jucheim. The chain further solidified baumkuchen’s popularity in Japan.

Baumkuchen has not always been available in the Philippines but it is slowly making a name for itself as people begin to adapt to other cultures. This uniquely baked cake will soon be available in Sweet Incantations. The store is located at the 3rd level of the expansion wing at Ayala Center Cebu.

Sweet Incantations will not only serve plain baumkuchen and popular chocolate baumkuchen, but also other variety of flavors that suit different kinds of people. There are fruit flavors like, mango, banana, ube, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and melon baumkuchen. There are also other unique and innovative flavors like pumpkin, maple, macha, and sakura baumkuchen.

These tasty and flavorful pastries are best enjoyed with coffee and tea. Anyone who is fond of cakes will enjoy baumkuchen not only for its unique presentation and preparation but also for its rich flavor. Now, anyone can treat themselves to a popular German and Japanese snack right in the heart of Cebu City.