One of the most consumed fruits in the world is banana. Smooth in texture, soft in composition, and sweet in taste, this yellow elongated fruit is among the most recognized fruits by people all over the world. Its popularity is brought about by a mix of health benefits (as it is proven to help regulate blood pressure and contribute to the treatment of cancer) and exceptional flavor. Bananas are a popular dessert and are also often used in cooking.

Bananas are naturally growing here in the Philippines. In fact, one of the favorite afternoon snacks in the Philippines are banana cues (caramelized bananas served on stick). Bananas here come in different size and variant forms, yet all of them have the natural sweet taste reflective of the tropical weather that we have. Mangoes and bananas are perfect symbols for a tropical country like ours. They are a perfect representation of the “island life”.

Sweet Inc’s banana baumkuchen provides the same warm feeling of tropical bananas with every bite. This tasty treat perfectly captures the flavor and scent of fresh bananas, igniting a very homey feeling. The smooth texture and softness also provide a somehow similar experience with that of eating a regular banana.

This variant of baumkuchen is well suited to the Filipino taste and culture. It can be your next favorite treat, right after the delicious banana cake. Baumkuchen is Sweet Inc’s new product. Sweet Inc has other baumkuchen flavors  like mango, macha, ube, chocolate, and strawberry to name a few.

Try banana baumkuchen at Sweet Inc’s store located in the third floor of Ayala Center Cebu’s New Wing and experience home in every bite. Pair the banana baumkuchen with Sweet Inc’s coffee or tea to further enjoy your afternoon indulgence. Also taste the other baumkuchen flavors and pastries served at Sweet Inc to taste sweetness like no other.