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Baumkuchen and Tea

The already loved selection of goodies from Sweet Incantations Confectionery continues to grow wider and more varied. As a new management takes over, our beloved store of sweet treats now offers new tasty pastries for everyone. One of their new releases is the Japanese favorite snack, baumkuchen.

Baumkuchen is of European origin as it is a variety of the spit cake, yet it has been adapted in Japan. And not long after became one of the most adored desserts there. Now the Filipinos, Cebuanos in particular, can get a taste of this unique and spectacular cake.

Go to Sweet Incantations Confectionery to try authentic Japanese baumkuchen. This unique snack has just the right amount of sweetness that does not irritate the throat. It is best complemented by a cup of tea.

Baumkuchen and tea by Sweet Incantations Confectionery is a match made in heaven. The aroma of tea and the sweetness of baumkuchen creates a different kind of experience in the mouth. This pair of goodness is best shared with other people. Conversations over baumkuchen and tea are always worth remembering.

Both baumkuchen and tea comes in different flavors. Japanese baumkuchen are available in mango, banana, plain, matcha, sakura, and chocolate flavors to name a few. Exquisite blends of authentic Dilmah teas are sold in different flavors as well. Brilliant Breakfasts, Pure Chamomile, Rose with French Vanilla, and Lychee with Rose Almond are only some of the luxurious and aromatic tea flavors available.

Try baumkuchen and tea at Sweet Incantations Confectionery for a classy afternoon indulgence.

Cupcakes and Coffee

Cupcakes have always been the best seller at Sweet Incantations Confectionery. Sweet Saigon, Paraiso, Monkey Business, and Espressamel cupcakes are only some of the most loved flavors by patrons. The moist cake and unique frosting is what sets these cupcakes apart from others. The various flavors are unlike the average ones available in other shops. Cupcakes at Sweet Incantations Confectionery are made to stand out and captivate the sweet toothed.

Well cupcakes are usually eaten with another favorite afternoon drink, coffee. Coffee leads the lives of most people. It has become a necessity for some, a day-starter, a social drink, and of course, a perfect drink when eating cake. Whether you are a traditional coffee lover or one who wants to have a more blended experience, Sweet Incantations Confectionery has got you covered. The store serves Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and Caramel Macchiato, well -fitted to the devoted coffee addicts. For the younger generation who are more into blends, Sweet Incantations Blendition are made especially to suit their taste. Matcha, Mochalicious, Cookie Monster, and Salted Caramel Crush blenditions are among the bestsellers.

Cupcakes and coffee is a frequented duo at Sweet Incantations Confectionery. The overflow of sweetness and unique flavors make it a favorite treat for people of different ages. Whether shared with family, friends, or lover, cupcakes and coffee will guarantee a good time. These treats are not only available at the Sweet Incantations Confectionery store but also via Food Panda. Now you can have sweet goods right at your doorstep.